Traffic conversion – three lead generation ideas to boost sales on your website 

People are now able to choose their own experiences online. Instead of living by the marketers or advertisers’ rule, people are now deciding what to download, what to buy, what read and even what to click on. And trust me; they have way lot of things to choose from.

Knowing this, how do you gain your customer’s attention and make them buy from you?

Start using lead generation strategies. A lead generation strategy lets you create a valuable experience and offers that people like. Although it’s a consumers’ world, we marketers can still make them do our biddings.

So how can you create a strong and compelling lead generation tactics? In this post, I will give you three lead generation ideas to boost sales on your website.

  1. You should put your calls-to-action in visitor’s natural eye path. This is a very good lead generation idea. Most customers don’t like the old ways of CTA placement. Unfortunately, some marketers are not taking the CTA placement seriously. You should try to tweak CTA placement to get more conversions and boost more sales on your website. Studies show that when people read a webpage, we start by looking at the upper left-hand corner of the website, and then change to moving our eyes in an F-shaped pattern. Take advantage of this natural behavior and try to place your CTA in places customers look at.
  2. Use social media strategically for generation. Social media is a very good marketing tool. Social media is low-cost marketing tool and a very good source for lead generation. Never forget to link our social media posts to your website. To know which of your blog posts performs best for lead generation, you will have to do a lead generation analysis of your blog. You can also use contests to generate leads from social media. Apart from the fact that they keep your followers engaged, they can also teach you lots of things about followers. Apart from optimizing your social presence and web pages for leads, you should also look for opportunities to increase traffic to your highest converting pages by optimizing them.
  3. Use slide-in and pop-ups forms in the right way. Although most marketers think that pop-ups don’t work, but I think that is wrong. Pop-ups do work, but that is when you use them in the right way. Make sure that pop-ups is not a not a disturbance to visitors because when pop-ups start disturbing visitors, they might get angry and leave your site. However, if you use pop-ups in the right way, you can make more sales.