Social media content ideas – Five amazing ideas for marketers 



Let’s face it, coming up with social media content ideas regularly is a lot of work. And it can be so confusing at times.

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But fortunately, I will give you five amazing ideas you that can help you add more amazing social posts consistently.

Read on.


  1. Follow the daily themes. Following the daily themes will make it easier for you to come up with amazing posts consistently. Following the daily theme creates consistency for your brand and it will give your audience something to watch out for every day. For instance, on Monday, you can use themes like Music Monday or motivational Monday. On Tuesday, you can use themes like Tuesday tip or Tuesday treat. On Wednesday, you can use themes like Wednesday wisdom or wacky Wednesday. On Thursday, you can use themes like Thankful Thursday or Throwback Thursday. On Friday, you can use themes like Friday Fun or TGIF. On Saturday, you can use themes like Selfie Saturday or Social Saturday. By following the daily themes, you will always know what to post.


  1. Always use a clear call to action. You should always use a clear call to action to encourage your audience to engage. The call to action doesn’t need to be cumbersome; it could just be as simple as asking people to post their Selfie or make a purchase and receive a discount.


  1. Ask engaging questions. Everyone loves sharing their personal experience and giving their opinions. The best way to get engagement from your community is to ask a question. For instance, if you run a beauty salon, you can ask questions like” what is the best color of hair you will like to wear during summer?” you should also include photos to your post to boost visibility.


  1. Ask fans to “fill in the blank.” Another good way to gain engagement is to ask your audience to fill in the blank space. For instance, you can ask questions like: “my best Netflix show is _____.” This will help you gain more engagement from your audience.


  1. Post relatable “tag a friend” content. Another way to gain engagement from your existing audience and to gain more audience is by posting relatable “tag a friend” content. Post a funny picture that goes in line with your niche and encourages audiences to tag their friends. Posting a “tag a friend” content would help spread your brand awareness fast and easy.

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